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Moving Tips and Tricks

We’ve gathered this information over time, which may be helpful for YOUR move!

Did you know that you have free use of the Move Advocate?

As part of our commitment to your entire relocation needs, we are pleased to offer our RE/MAX clients complimentary access to the Move Advocate. The Move Advocate is a moving assistance program available for clients moving state-to-state, province-to-province, or internationally. Moving can be stressful, and the Move Advocate delivers the best service, the best value, & peace of mind when relocating your household goods long distance.

You can settle into your new home knowing you received the best service & the best value on your long distance move. As us about The Move Advocate!

What are the costs for a moving service?

The moving industry is busiest from May 25 thru Sept 15, and that’s when prices can increase. Typically the end of the month has the biggest rate increases. Weekends are overtime so try to prepare your closings accordingly.

If you are planning to use a mover, it is typically recommended that you reserve dates 30 days out, to lock in the best price. Money up front is not required with honest companies. Delays in a closing can cause stress if there are no movers available on those dates, so call your mover to confirm that a date change can be covered. Many companies offer climate controlled storage, if storage is needed. Many home sellers think their moving day should be the closing day, however the walk thru process might make this a bad idea!

For a direct move there are three costs:

  • Packing: Many companies provide packing into boxes or the customer can save money and do it themselves. Many offer packing materials at a good price.
  • Transportation: This is usually done by the hour locally and by the weight for interstate shipments.
  • Valuation (or insurance): Some homeowners insurance plans offer coverage for the goods. So check with your insurance company before you buy additional insurance!

Packing Tips to help you start to organize


  • Fedex Shipping information, etc.
  • UPS Shipping, etc.

Is than an easy way to transfer my mail and email?

Mail: MoversGuide from the USPS Change your address with the U.S. Postal Service. Forward magazines. Change e-mail addresses. These are great services available FREE through the U.S. Postal Service. There are some other tools on this site with school info, for instance, but I’ve found them to be less than accurate.

E-mail: TrueSwitch TrueSwitch makes changing your Internet Service Provider easy. They copy all your personal data to the new account, notify everyone with the new email address, forward emails sent to your old email address and help you cancel the old account. ($19.95)

Cleaning Out

Goodwill Donation Center
If you have clothes and other items that you will be giving away, you can find your nearest Goodwill Donation Center.
A great source for gifting items you don’t want (and for getting items that you do) — it’s all FREE, fun, and keeps stuff out of our solid waste landfills. Are you already a member of a free recycling group on Yahoo Groups like Freecycle, Freegle, ReUseIt or Full Circles? See how trash nothing makes using your group quicker and easier »

Safely dispose of Household Hazardous Waste BEFORE you move. Do NOT dispose of any chemicals, petroleum products, or other hazardous wastes down the drain or on the ground. It is against the law and also fouls the environment we all want to enjoy. This brochure can help. For more information, call the N.H. Dept. of Environmental Services at (603)271-2047 or e-mail

Moving with Kids

Moving with Pets: How to safely and compassionately relocate family pets?

Air Animal Pet Movers Air Animal Pet Movers is a 3rd Party pet moving service for relocating pet owners, where the pet moving needs are covered by their company’s Corporate Relocation Program, or you are an indiviual pet owner with a miscellaneous relocation allowance sufficient for pet moving services. Owned and operated by Dr. Walter Woolf since 1977, Air Animal’s menu of pet moving services is among the most comprehensive in the industry. Dr. Woolf and his team are endorsed by more than 230 major airlines. Their single focus is to safely and compassionately relocate family pets and other animals to domestic and foreign cities.

Where do you start when you feel you can no longer keep your pet and want to find a new home for him or her?

Perhaps you are frustrated with a behavior problem, or your child has pet allergies. Sometimes while exploring the move to rental housing you have trouble finding rental housing that accepts your pet. Guidelines for Finding a Responsible Home for a Pet

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