Friday, June 1, 2018
By Steve Brown

We recently stopped by an Open House in my neighborhood. The seller was using a discount agent, so will have a reduced commission, or perhaps get some money back at closing. BUT, unknown to the seller, the discount agent is costing the seller at least $20,000.

I couldn’t believe how poorly the house was being presented! Sure it needed some work, but it was showing, in many aspects, like a distress sale. It was dark, dirty, and the features that I am aware of that add value were not being highlighted. This house sat on the market much longer than most good homes in our area; the price was finally dropped, and then it went under agreement with a buyer.

I don’t think the seller was ever educated by the discount agent about the things that could have been done prior to showing, that would result in selling in a more timely manner and getting top dollar. 

Buyers want a Good ValueWe define Value as Quality/Price. So we go the extra mile for your listing with our custom Feature Sheets to be sure that potential buyers for your home are aware of the many features and qualities of your house and the neighborhood/ location that add value!  In addition, our custom online tours bring out the value to the eyes of buyers -- like a 24/7 Open House.

Please be sure to tell your friends and relatives: If they think they’re saving 1 - 2% by using a discount agent, they could be easily costing themselves 5% or more in the sales price!

Steve BrownSteve Brown
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