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Have you tried rEcycleSalemNH or another online recycling group?

In August, 2013, our local Salem NH area online recycling group, which we began in 2004 and volunteer to run, changed its name from FreecycleSalemNH to rEclycleSalemNH. We decided to cut affiliation with The Freecycle network and their business practices, and to continue as an independent group in our community.

“Freecycling” is giving away old junk you no longer want to someone who can use it. — Reduce, reuse, recycle! … and reduce landfill congestion. rEcycleSalemNH is grateful to affiliate with Sharing is Giving, FreecycleForeover, and Trash Nothing! and the ReUse It Network. Together with these other online recycling groups, we harness the power of the internet to connect people who have stuff with others who want the stuff.

How does it work? You post the item or items you want to give away or want to receive. When you offer an item, the recipient is entirely your choice. It is a free cycle of giving. Take a look around your home. Do you have stuff that is there simply because you don’t have the right place to put it, or you no longer have a use for some items but tossing them out seems so harsh? Have clothing that your children have outgrown? Need an extra booster seat and don’t want to spend the cash? Or want a tennis racket for your kid?

rEcyleSalemNH was formed to serve our SalemNH area along with surrounding towns around southern Ne Hampshire. It is here for individuals, groups, non-profits and businesses. Membership is free.

Please join us at h … If you enter via, that user interface rocks!

It’s a great community — sharing with neighbors who want the stuff you want to dump, and getting stuff you want just by asking, then going to pick it up. If you are in Salem or neighboring towns,we invite you to join our group. Since we began in 2004, so many other local online groups have also formed. Connect with people who are throwing away unwanted items that you want, or who want what you have to throw away … and have a little fun in the process!

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